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You'd like to become a security ninja but don't know what kind of projects are good for you? Here are a list of little projects that you could maybe present at securinlille ;)

However, BYOI! (Bring Your Own Ideas)


  • Stack buffer overflows. Show a PoC (Proof of Concept)!
  • Integer overflows. Show a PoC (Proof of Concept)!
  • Format strings. Show a PoC (Proof of Concept)!
  • Can you smash the stack? (http://smashthestack.org/) Show a solution for a level!


  • Present level0 crackme on crackmes.de
  • Present your write-up for bluehat reverse-1
  • No-cd for Morrowind (no anti-reverse)
  • Obfuscate programs with code flattening (hint: it was presented to HECI students)


  • Hide processes and files with a Windows kernel rootkit

Peering inside ...

  • x86 segmentation and pagination
  • How to develop basic device drivers for [insert an OS]
  • Syscall filtering with ptrace
  • Programming a sandbox for the Linux kernel
  • Linux slab allocator
  • Fuzzgrind, fuzzing using symbolic executions
  • Z3, the microsoft solver
  • Automated reverse engineering with KLEE symbolic virtual machine
  • What makes it page? The story of the Windows virtual memory manager
  • Virtualization for dummes
  • x86 virtual machine extensions
  • Differences between x86 and ARM
  • Debugging the windows kernel with windbg
  • Debugging the linux kernel with kdb
  • Communication to drivers with IOCTL
  • Windows startup
  • Inside UEFI


df0 x86


There are no previous presentations because we are lazy.

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